Our Approach

The operation for LRScan.com is quite simple. Our drive is to perfect the art, confidentiality, security and speed of scanning professional and confidential documents. Our intention is to always secure our client’s information or re mail it at their request. On other occasions, we intend to shred and discard all pertinent documents securely at the request of the clients where re mail is not an option.

The primary purpose for the above process is so that our BPO professional partner, with their 500+ computer skilled programmers can utilize the PDF for conversion.

Please take a look at our service page for additional services that we do perform.

Our Story

Working as an introducer and facilitation consultant for MircoFunds.com, I come in contact with many business owners in need of funding. This success, however, could not have been accomplished on my own. Thanks to my successful connection on one of the most powerful social media platform, LinkedIn.com/in/leopoldmiller/. I welcome all invitations to my LinkedIn professional network.

It was on this powerful social media network where I established a business connection with my partner, Rick Eriksen and Alliance BPO International associate. It was on this platform that we exchanged business ideas for funding, equity ownership of aviation company project and founding/partnership of LRScan.com.

Meet the Team

LRScan represents the first letter to both Rick and Leopold. We share similar interest when it comes to staying focus and getting things done confidentially. Check out our short biographical profile below to learn more about us.

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Rick Eriksen

I am not a businessman who dabbles in the aviation field, nor a pilot who dabbles in business. I am a highly experienced and qualified jet pilot with over 21,000 hours PIC who is the creative force that recognized the opportunities, organized the infrastructures, and built two extremely successful international aviation companies. I am also the creator of the first interactive aircraft budgeting software.

My first success was Midwest Air Charter (1969) out of Cleveland, Ohio. Midwest was the first single-flag carrier for the Federal Reserve Bank. While at Midwest, I was VP-CP-DOO for 55 aircraft operating 72,000 miles a night, six nights a week (a system I designed specifically for the FED at their request). Midwest delivered an unheard of 99.75% on-time completion record! In 1976 I left Midwest to become the chief pilot for Mercedes Benz NA/AG. Midwest went on to become Airborne and is known today as DHL.

I also “created” and co-founded Jet Support Services, Inc.,  a.k.a. JSSI (1989). JSSI and its niche market did not exist until I saw the possibilities and created it. Today, it is the largest supplier of non-OEM jet engine service programs in the world. JSSI, also occupies a highly esteemed place in the aviation hierarchy; a marketplace position no others have been able to duplicate or penetrate. Between the years of 1976 and 1988, I was the chief pilot for Mercedes Benz, N.A. It was in 1988 that I left that position to start JSSI.

Leopold Miller

Constructing an exciting and economically viable startup platform on an international level has been one of my major strengths and focus. I have spent years in the international field as a business professor/CIT/ICT. Interacting in a international cross-cultural arena has its benefits and those are the golden gems that are responsible for my moral bearing in being true to clients, customers, partners, associates and best practices.

As a professional executive, I presently work as a facilitator and introducer for MircoFunds.com, a financial consulting service that connects business owners to US investors (minimum business loans starts at US$15mm), president/founder to cope.edu.bz, an NGO known as Citizens Of Planet Earth since 1995, a representative and alliance to a BPO International service with over 500 computer programmers and skilled I.T. professionals and lastly, but not least, Owner/CEO of a development real estate company.

Next Steps…

Request a quote regarding the specifics of our service. We normally respond daily or within 48 to 72 hours.